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General information about the association

  • The fee consists of two parts (Note that these two parts will be combined into a common fee at the turn of the year 2024)
    - the fee for the association's operating costs, which is based on the number of shares
    - fuel charge based on the apartment area
    To this is added a mandatory fee for broadband and IP telephony (not the calls).
    Water is included.
    Electricity contracts are to be taken care of by the apartment owner.

  • Basement storage included. Most of the apartments have two storage rooms, a basement storage room and a smaller so-called food storage.

  • Supplementary insurance for condominiums is not included in the fee and is taken out by the member himself.

  • The association has 398 apartments, is a genuine association and charges a transfer fee paid by the buyer.

  • The association has 15 premises with leasehold rights.

  • Legal entity is not approved as a member.

  • The association approves shared ownership and the minimum ownership share is currently 10%.

  • The association acquired the property in 2013.

  • Current loans are described in the annual report under note 16

  • Application for membership is sent by post to Expeditionen, Mårdstigen 1, 17075 Solna.

Latest annual report and other documents

Årsredovisning 2022

Annual report and minutes from the Annual General Meeting and more documents can be found under documents .


Current renovations

2023-2024 Balconies


Major renovations in recent times

2021-2022 garbage disposal Molucks.

2020           10 parking spaces with charging box.

2018-2019  Windows.

2017-2018  Roof renovation.

2015-2019  Tribe change.

2014            Renovation of laundry rooms.

2013            Purchase of the plots.

The member is responsible for:

  • Burglary protection to the apartment

  • Apartment door (when changing a door, the new surface layer must be mahogany-patterned, preferably horizontal (Permission is applied for via a form to the board and submitted to the property manager's office is at Ekorrstigen 2.)

  • Condominium supplement for home insurance

The property


The houses were built between 1953 and 1955, are heated with district heating and have ventilation by natural draft. The houses do not have a lift. The association's members have access to bicycle storage and a laundry room. Cleaning of stairwells is done by a cleaning contractor.

Property designations:

Mårdstigen 1-25 (odd numbers):      Solna Ålen 1

Mårdstigen  2-18 (even numbers):   Solna Abborren 1 

Lostigen 1,3 :                                        Solna Abborren 1

Lostigen 2-30 (even numbers):         Solna Laxen 1 

Lostigen 32-40 (even numbers):       Solna Mörten 1 

Ekorrstigen 1:                                       Solna Löjan 1


Transfer fee and pledge

A transfer fee of 3.5% of the price base amount (approx. SEK 1,313 in 2023) is charged, which is paid by the buyer. The fee is charged in addition to purchases, also in the case of inheritance and gifts.


When mortgaging the home, a pledge fee of 1.5% is charged (approx. SEK 525/mortgage in 2023). The amounts are calculated on the price base amount for the year 2023. See §12 of the statutes.

Fee changes & renovations


The board has decided to merge the condominium fee and the fuel supplement from the turn of the year (2024-01-01).


The board has decided to raise the new combined fee by 12% from the turn of the year (2024-01-01). The fee for broadband is unchanged.


The association has about 230 parking spaces for rent to members. Of these, about 25 are in the warm garage on Ekorrstigen, 135 ordinary outdoor spaces, 60 outdoor spaces equipped with electrical outlets for engine heaters, 10 outdoor spaces equipped with charging box from InCharge. In addition to these, there are a few motorcycle places, outdoors and in the garage.

The fee for our parking spaces consists of a base price (stated below) and an index supplement, which is taken from the consumer price index last year. This fee is calculated every year. For example, from 1 January 2022, the parking fee will be increased by 2.816%. This increase is taken from the consumer price index calculated in October 2021. Base prices for the various parking spaces are as follows:

  • Garage SEK 850 / month

  • Outdoors SEK 450 / month

  • Engine heater SEK 600 / month incl. Electricity.

  • Charging space SEK 750 / month excl. Electricity.


  • Garage SEK 350 / month

  • Outdoors SEK 250 / month


Guest parking is available at the bottom of Lostigen along the Bergshamraleden. Cost SEK 7 / h and SEK 70 / day. The fee is paid in a vending machine that stands at the beginning of the path up to the houses or via the app "Mobile park".

For information about possible queues and contract management, contact SBC's customer service.

TV, broadband & telephony


In BRF Bergshamra, all apartments have access to ComHem outlets and through this outlet get access to their basic offer. If a member is interested in expanding this offer, you can order this via or call 90 222, however, the member is responsible for all costs in addition to the basic offer.


BRF Bergshamra has an agreement with Bahnhof. Fee for broadband is charged together with the monthly fee. Each apartment has been given a router by the association. It must be included in the transfer. You can use your own router if desired. Broadband speed is 1000 / 1000Mbit.  


Possibility of IP telephony is available via Bahnhof.

Contact SBC Customer Service for the following:


  • Fees

  • Property management

  • Report the error to the houses

  • Error report land

  • Garage spaces

  • Keys to basement, laundry room or gates

  • Pledge

  • Parking spaces

  • Injuries

  • Transfers

The expedition

Visit: Mårdstigen 1, non-holiday Mondays at 8:00 - 9:00.

Submit forms: To be sent in a letter box on Mårdstigen 1. Examples of forms: Membership in the association, rebuilding / renovation of your apartment

Broker information


Submit brokerage documents directly to SBC.

Visiting address

Västgötagatan 5


Mailing address

Box 226
851 04

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