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Fault reporting

All fault reports, except for broadband, should be made in the SBC-portal.
Questions about keys, parking spaces, etc. should also be made there.
For broadband, you should contact our supplier Bahnhof.

Please fill in your e-mail address and phone number in the contact details in the portal.

Error reporting and questions about the apartment, the property, the outdoor environment, the laundry etc.:

Go under the Cases tab, press Create error report. ​


Questions about finances:
Go under the Cases tab, press Create new case. ​


Queues for parking spaces:

Under the "kö" tab, you can stand in queues for the different types of parking spaces. ​


For other types of questions, e.g. keys, you can also contact the property manager's office is at Mårdstigen 1.
The office is staffed on non-holiday Mondays 8.00-9.00.

Broadband fron Bahnhof

Fault reporting and support questions connected to broadband should be done to our internet provider Bahnhof. ​

You can also call their telephone support: 010-510 00 00

Relevant document: Hjälp Felsökning Bredband


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