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Parking Brf Bergshamra.


The association has 205 parking spaces for rent to members. Of these, 135 are common places, 60 are equipped with engine heaters and 10 are equipped with a charging box from InCharge.


The fee for our parking spaces consists of a base price and an index supplement, which is taken from the consumer price index last year. This fee is calculated every year. For example, the parking fee will be increased by 2.816% from 1 January 2022. This increase is taken from the consumer price index calculated in October 2021. Base prices for the various parking spaces are as follows:

  • Normal SEK 450 / month

  • Engine heater SEK 600 / month incl. Electricity.

  • Charging place SEK 750 / month ex electricity.

SBC administers all the association's parking spaces. Contact SBC on telephone 0771-722 722 or


Guest parking is available at the bottom of Lostigen along the Bergshamraleden. Cost SEK 7 / h and SEK 70 / day. The fee is paid in a vending machine that stands at the beginning of the path up to the houses or via the app "Mobile park".


Parking along the streets is prohibited.

The outdoor environment

In our area we have five playgrounds. They were renovated in 2005 so that the children will continue to have a good and safe play environment.

The sand on the playgrounds was changed in 2013.


In each playground there is a wooden thigh that is for storing toys.

Make sure that all toys are put back in the wooden thighs when you leave the playground.


Around the farms there are also places with tables and grills.

These grills have been purchased by the association for our members.

Remember to leave the patio as you wish to find it and make sure the embers are extinguished.

Laundry rooms

Book the desired washing time by locking your cylinder on the board in the door for the specified time.
You can park the cylinder at the bottom of the board when you are not washing or do not want to book a new appointment.

  • Book a time for a wash session on the booking board by locking the cylinder at the desired time and starting the session no later than 30 minutes after the specified time. After 30 minutes, the time slot may be used by another member.

  • Use the correct amount of detergent as recommended by the manufacturer and place detergent and any fabric softener in the correct compartment.

  • Use a laundry bag when washing a underwire bra.

  • You can use the dryer and the drying cabinet 30 minutes after the end of the session.

  • Clean the lint filter in the dryer after each session and in the drying cabinet when the red light is on.

  • Sweep the floor and wipe off machines and other surfaces after the session and wet wipe the floor if you have the evening session.

  • Remove your cylinder after the wash or book a new appointment.

Error report

In the event of a fault in the cylinder, the booking board, machines or in the event of a leak of water,
tact SBC's customer service by phone

0771-722 722, weekdays 07: 00-21: 00

or go to:

and enter

"HSB: s Brf Bergshamra i Solna"

as an association.

In the event of a leak of water on weekends / evenings, the emergency service is contacted on 08 657 77 22

Loss of cylinder

For a new cylinder, SEK 300 is charged through contact with SBC's customer service.

This Information can be downloaded in pdf format at This link

The association room in the basement on Björnstigen 2 can be rented by the members for their own activities such as children's parties etc. for a cost of SEK 300.

The room is managed and booked via the Trivselgrupp, see  BOOKING CALENDAR  to find free days and times.

When you have found a free date or time, book this by sending an email to

Garbage disposal

A mobile recycling center is available at regular intervals
on Ekorrstigen 2.

Here you can, among other things, leave hazardous waste, textiles and bulky waste.
You can also donate smaller items for recycling.
It is not possible to leave major appliances, pressure impregnated wood and garden waste.

For more information see:

Waste and recycling or go to

Household general waste

On our are there are a number of garbage stations where you can throw household garbage and food waste.


The containers for food waste are opened with a special key that is picked up at the expedition (Mondays 8.00-9.00).

The food waste is sorted into brown bags, specially designed for the purpose, which are also collected at the expedition or from tin places that are set up outside each laundry room.


If you want to read more about what counts as food waste, you can visit Solna City's website.


We have had problems with birds and rats at our garbage stations on the farms due to vessels becoming overcrowded and unable to close. Therefore, make sure that you throw your household rubbish in a bin where there is room.

Recycling station

On Ekorrstigen, behind the pizzeria, is a recycling station for packaging recycling.

Paper packaging, hard and soft plastic, metal and glass are thrown away.

Environmentally hazardous waste

Environmentally hazardous waste is disposed of at OKQ8. Ask for the key inside the store.

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Common room
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