Yearly Association Meeting

The Yearly Association Meeting is the tenant-owner association's highest decision-making body. It is held once a year before the end of June.


At the general meeting you as a member have the opportunity to influence how the association should work and what it should invest in.


If you want your case dealt with at the general meeting you must submit a written exercise. It should be the board by the end of March.

You can email your case to: or leave it in the mailbox on Mårdstigen 1, or mail the case to the Expedition, Mårdstigen 1, 170 75 Solna.

Letter of appointment

If you are not able to attend the general meeting in person, you can exercise your voting rights through a representative.


The representative must be able to present a written, dated power of attorney in original (letter of appointment). The authorization is valid for one year from the date of signature.


Here you can download a template that you can fill in and give to your representative.

Election Committee

At the annual association meeting, a nomination committee is appointed. They then work continuously during the year through internal meetings, collaboration with the board, etc.

Before next year's meeting, the nomination committee identifies the members of the board who wish to continue the work, and any new members.


The Nomination Committee's proposal for a new Board is distributed in conjunction with the notice to the Meeting.


The Nomination Committee also proposes to the AGM a so-called elected auditor and his / her deputy elected by the AGM.


In conjunction with the AGM, the Nomination Committee also gives proposals for fees according to the statutes.


Currently, the nomination committee consists of Jenny Almstedt (convener) Mikael Gabrielsson and Bengt Rubin.


The Nomination Committee's mail account is:

The Nomination Committee is happy to receive comments and suggestions regarding the work of the Nomination Committee and spontaneous statements of interest from the members of the Association who wish to work within the framework of the Board's assignment.