Under Protocol you can find protocols for previous association meetings.


In BRF Bergshamra, club meetings usually take place during the month of March.

The minutes for the meeting are usually posted within one month after a completed meeting.

Under Annual Reports you can find BRF Bergshamra's annual reports.


The annual reports are usually posted on the website without inscriptions first and are then replaced with written versions when these are available.

Under the Statutes you can find BRF Bergshamra association statutes.

These statutes should be read by newly arrived members as they contain important information for what applies in this BRF.

On the Organization page you can find information about the general meeting, authorizations and how the nomination committee works.

On the Administration page you can find information about our manager, how you can contact them and what they can help you with.

On Maps you can find maps of the area with house bodies and elevations as well as boundaries that show what is BRF Bergshamra's land.

On the Pipe Changing page you can find information about how far the pipe changing project has gone and when the pipes will be changed in your apartment.

On the page Our Area you can find information about our houses, who was the architect and what interesting places are in the immediate area.